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Before buyers show up for appointments, they have independently scoured photographs of homes online, tossed out (within seconds) those that didn't appeal to them based upon the photographs. 

They view far fewer homes in person. Because they do their homework online and quickly eliminate properties based on photo's, they see fewer listings. 

In February 2012 the time consumers spent on was 288,023,942 minutes with 548 years of accumulative time and an average time of 26 minutes. They are not looking at photo's of agents, but property. They were sitting there going through the photo carousel's and picking out the best photo's and then viewing that property.  

Just a few years ago the photo's were taken for the MLS listing and were not used for much else, with the agents finding the homes and showing a few select to the buyer either by emailing them one or two, or printing them out and mailing them.That was the intended purpose of the photo's. Now it is common for the buyer to search the internet and find the actual homes they are interested in and bring it to their agent. Which homes do you think the buyer is going to choose, homes with bad or average photo's, or homes with great photo's ?  A buyer is not interested in looking at a home with bad photo's unless it is dirt cheap, which translates into lower commissions.  Great photo's brings more eyeballs to that home. Set yourself apart from a average agent by having your listings photographed properly. Click on the contact tab and send us an email.

Quotes from Real Estate agents :

"and when you consider that real estate buyers are literally looking at hundreds of homes on the Internet to narrow it down to a handful that they want to look at in person, you should be able to get an idea how mission critical great real estate photo's are, when you go to sell your home."

"When it comes to marketing your home for sale, undoubtedly the most important thing you can have is great photography, and that's because great photo's are the basis for all your homes marketing and advertising, be it your flyer's, postcards or print adds, your Internet postings, even most real estate videos are nothing but slide shows of your homes photo's."  

 "real estate photography gives an advantage to home sellers that use great photography"

 "Even though homes are selling slower and at lower prices, I absolutely believe that means the Realtors who actually ARE doing business need all the ammo and marketing power they can get in order to get the home sold -- that's why we're so busy in this market"

  "Down real estate markets actually increase the need for more real estate photography and better marketing"

 As you can tell, top real estate agents can see the need for great photography and better marketing in a slow economy. If you want to sell more homes, do something different from your competition and put up great images of the sellers property. Remember the reason THEY CHOSE YOU is they expect you to give them the best possible service available and great images will show them you are serious about giving them that service, and makes it EASIER if you have to ask for a price reduction to sell it as they can tell you have done everything you could to help establish the asking price value.  

Using professional photography to sell a particular home is less than half of the equation. When a seller ask you (the agent), "Why should I list with you?" You can show them an example of your high standard of marketing. It's much easier to collect up all of the sales awards if you have all the listings. If the agents in your office or town use their cell phone or a point and shoot for photographing their listings, don't follow the crowd, market yourself as a leader and set the trend. By using professional photography on most all of your listings you will be setting yourself apart and can show your potential seller why they should list with you. It truly is a win-win situation. No seller ever complains about having great images of their property. 


As it says in the video, it's price that ultimately sells the house, but pictures may be your most valuable tool to get a buyer there in the 
first place. 

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